New US Avengers Posters

With perhaps the most anticipated superhero film of all time only just around the corner, Marvel Avengers Assemble (still don’t like the new title) has got itself a bunch of new posters. These are US posters, hence them still having the original title emblazoned across them, but that shouldn’t stop you getting even more excited about the film than you are already. Take a gander below and start salivating.

The Avengers - Captain America                   The Avengers - Black Widow

The Avengers - Iron Man                  The Avengers - Nick Fury

The Avengers - Thor

All the usual suspects are present and correct, but the Nick Fury poster also includes SHIELD agent Maria Hill, played by the very lovely (and brilliantly named) Cobie Smulders of How I Met Your Mother fame. The character count is really starting to rack up, so it should be interesting to see whether they can all hold their own on screen.

Marvel Avengers Assemble is out in the UK on April 26th.

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