New Battleship trailer turns up the ridiculous

Liam Neeson must have been completely torn when he heard Rihanna was starring alongside him in soon-to-be-critics’-favourite-film-ever Battleship. The red blooded male in him must have been doing a merry little jig, but the actor in him must have been curled up in the corner of the shower, crying.

Who knows, maybe she won’t be that bad, but the latest trailer gives no indication whatsoever. She’s actually in it a fair amount, but her sole purpose so far is just to stand there looking pretty, and the 0.000000342 seconds of dialogue she has is about as convincing as a child’s lie. And don’t worry ladies, you’ve got Alexander Skarsgard and Taylor Kitsch to feast your eyes upon.

So, what about the film itself? Well, think Transformers meets Pearl Harbour and you’re in the right ball park, although whether that’s a good or bad thing is purely subjective. Either way, expect plenty of explosions, people shouting and Rihanna causing the male crew to go all unnecessary. It’s currently unclear as to whether damaged ships will be marked with giant white and red pegs. Check the trailer below.

Battleship will be released for your viewing pleasure on April 11th.

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