Mad Men is Back but the Women are Better – A 1st and 2nd Episode Review

Mad Men is back and classier than ever. Last night seen the launch of season 5 hit show on Sky Atlantic, which proved to be up to the same sophisticated standard that us ‘Mad Meniacs’ have come to expect, as it contained all the stunning fashions, fantastic one liners and sexual tension which make it truly one of a kind.

So, what’s different this season? Well, it’s now set in the 1960s for one thing, so it highlights the uprising of women and the demise of white supremacy. Therefore, the mood has shifted significantly as the men at Sterling Cooper are no longer the dominant force and the woman are undoubtedly running the show, with Peggy pitching big name ads and Joan making sure that her job is well and truly safe once she’s recovered from having her new baby.

If anything, the power shift has left the men a little weaker, with the workaholic Don Draper dropping everything for his new bride Megan. He’s also struggling to control her attention seeking ways, apart from in the bedroom – he has well and truly got that situation under control. Peggy is also bossing the men about and not afraid (not that she ever really was) to make sure that her voice is heard, even if it means insulting her boss.

The only thing I was really disappointed in was the fact that the first two episodes shown no sign of Don’s first wife, Betty. It’s not an episode of Mad Men if the all American blonde isn’t slapping kids or calling her ex a bad Father, and these two episodes definitely missed her ferocity.

If there was anything that these two episodes highlighted, it is that the advertising big shots are nothing without the women behind them.

Words: Lis King.

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