In Cinemas this week – 6th April

Titanic 3D

This needs no introduction. For a long time the highest grossing film of all time, James Cameron’s epic tale of love across the class divide as the unsinkable ship twats a massive iceberg is finally released in 3D. Definitely not a cash in, Titanic 3D is out to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the tragic event and will let kids go giggly over seeing Kate Winslet’s boobs all over again. And now it’s in 3D, maybe they’ll actually see the sodding iceberg coming (fnar).

Mirror Mirror: The Untold Adventures of Snow White

With the darker and more action-orientated Snow White and the Huntsman coming out in the coming months, Mirror Mirror has its work cut out to grab people’s attention. However, it does have the advantage of beating its rival (and it is a rival despite both camps apparently being blissfully unaware of the other film) onto cinema screens and could do well over the Easter period. It’s not a totally accurate retelling of the fairy tale, instead seeing Snow (Lily Collins) and her merry band of halflings attempt to retake the kingdom captured by The Evil Queen (Julia Roberts).


Following in the footsteps of Steig Larsson’s Millenium Trilogy and police drama The Killing, Headhunters is the latest Scandinavian thriller to hit screens. Adapted from Jo Nesbo’s text, the film sees Roger (Aksel Hennie), one of Norway’s biggest headhunters, try and inject some excitement into his seemingly perfect life by stealing a renowned and expensive painting. But, guess what? That’s right, it all goes a bit tits up and Roger gets into a spot of bother.

Also out this week

There’s a couple of other big-ish films out this week should the lure of Snow White or Leo and Kate floating in the drink not excite you. The Cold Light of Day, starring Bruce Willis, tells of a Wall Street trader (Henry Cavill) who must delve into his father’s mysterious past to rescue his missing family. In This Must Be the Place, Sean Penn stars as Cheyenne, a former rock star who, after learning of his late father’s humiliation at the ends of the German SS, travels across America in search of the ex-Nazi responsible. Expect plenty of soul searching.

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