Movie trailer blowout – Skyfall, Anchorman 2 & The Master

Here are three absolutely belting trailers that have surfaced in the past couple of days…

It seems like it’s taken an age, but we finally seem to be getting somewhere with Skyfall. Following the rather disappointing Quantum of Solace, this teaser trailer is pretty action packed whilst giving us plenty to chew over until we get some new info. We see Bond going through some word association, which may or may not be therapy, suggesting his fragile mindset established in the past two films is very much still an important element of the story. We also catch a glimpse of Bond’s new foe, Javier Bardem’s Silva, a subway train crashing through a wall, and plenty of Daniel Craig being a badass. Sweet.

They certainly aren’t hanging around with this one. Anchorman 2 was only announced a short while back but they already put out a couple of teaser trailers, one of which is above. Everything is as it should be – Champ is a chauvinist redneck, Brian Fantana is a bit of a sex pest, Brick is basically a child, and Ron, well Ron is just Ron.

To be honest, I wasn’t really that aware of The Master, but now I’ve seen this teaser trailer, it’s most definitely on my radar. Joaquin Phoenix looks scarily like Marlon Brando in this trailer, which gives very few story details at all. ‘The Master’ is the head of a faith-based organisation that is catching on throughout America. The film is a 1950s drama revolving around the The Master and a drifter who gets involved in said organisation. Sounds intriguing and Phoenix already looks set to give a superb performance.

Skyfall is released on 26th October (UK), The Master is out slightly earlier on October 12th, and Anchorman 2 is penciled in for sometime next year.

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