New feature: What is…?

Time for a new regular-ish feature to add to the site – What Is…?

Basically, every now and again I will write a post about a particular piece of film terminology. Now this isn’t in any way my attempt to say I know more than anybody else, because, quite frankly, I know no more than any of the fantastic blogs I follow (or follow me), let alone the hundreds of others I haven’t discovered yet.

However, I hope people will find this feature informative. Many may already know everything I cover, but some people may just learn a thing or two, which would be fantastic. I know I’m going to learn a hell of a lot; much of the stuff I will cover won’t come straight out of my brain, but will need some research, so I guess you could say these posts will be as much for me as anyone else!

Sometimes the posts will be about relatively simple terminology, such as a particular type of camera shot, but sometimes it’ll be about more in-depth things that will need a little further explanation. Either way, I hope anyone reading it will take something from it, and I may well call upon other bloggers to help if they have certain areas of expertise.

So here’s the first instalment of ‘What is…?’ – What is… a MacGuffin?

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8 thoughts on “New feature: What is…?

  1. Mark Walker says:

    New feature? Superb my man. I’ll check by.

    • Yeah, I thought I needed a bit more variation on the blog. It’s not the most inspiring or imaginative of features but it’ll hopefully be quite interesting.

      • Mark Walker says:

        I know what you mean man. I’m starting new one tomorrow just to encourage a bit more interaction. Mine isn’t anything mind-blowing but hopefully interesting for some.

      • Sounds good, i’ll be sure to stop by and give my two cents! I need to try to encourage some more interaction too to be honest, i’ll have to have a think on that one at some point.

      • Mark Walker says:

        This new feature might just do that for you. Mine is of a similar style. I pass on info and hopefully people more people stop by to check if every week. Sometimes people like to know exactly what to expect from a post. I know I’ll be stopping by this one of yours whenever they appear. It’s all good.

  2. Due to the rather idiotic placement of the ‘roll’ of my reader section on WP I read this post after you What is a MacGufffin…All this is a long way around the barn to say, I like the idea and what you’re doing. 🙂

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