Quickie: Knocked Up

Knocked UpThere are now certain expectations when you see names such as Judd Apatow, Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill on a film’s billing, but Knocked Up moves away from most of those expectations to present a much more rounded experience that offers drama and sentiment as much as it does comedy.

Layabout Ben Stone (Seth Rogan) lives off compensation he receives for an injury and works on a website with his stoner flatmates that documents when nudity occurs in films. On a night out he meets the career-driven Alison (Katherine Heigl), one thing leads to another and they end up gettin’ it on, so to speak. However, due to a misunderstanding in the bedroom, Ben doesn’t use protection and Alison ends up pregnant. The two of them then have to overcome numerous difficulties to discover a solution that’s best for them and their soon-to-be-born child.

The film’s strength undoubtedly lies in the chemistry between Rogan and Heigl. They work very well together and are able to confidently convey the problems that many who go through such a situation will no doubt experience. Paul Rudd also puts in a shift as Alison’s brother-in-law and there is plenty of crass humour for the Superbad fans from the likes of Jonah Hill and Jason Segel.

However, one of the main problems with the film is that it suffers from some all-too-familiar stereotypes. Essentially, all the women are power crazy nutjobs and the men are idiots who fuck everything up. This leads to a little too much predictability and we therefore end up exactly where we thought we would. Despite that, Knocked Up is light-hearted, easy to watch and provides enough humour and drama to successfully straddle both genres whilst providing a lesson in neither.

Words: Chris Thomson

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13 thoughts on “Quickie: Knocked Up

  1. Mark Walker says:

    I’m not normally a fan of Apatow films Chris bit I actually quite liked this one. It reminded me of my self a little before my first daughter was born. I wa scared shitless and I could identify with that. Now? Now, I can identify with Rudd and Mann’s relationship. Lol.

  2. I had to be ‘nagged’ into watching this. ‘Why?’ You ask. Well, despite being a Seth Rogan fan, I didn’t think the theme of the film was blazingly original and I wasn’t sure the Heigl could really pull off comedy. I was wrong. Heigl knocked it out of the park. Great little review and I agree 100% with the stereotypical issues, but the film does indeed manage to overcome these to make a very enjoyable comedy.

    • I wasn’t intending on watching this either, it just happened to be on TV but I ended up quite enjoying it. I definitely think this was a case of if the right people weren’t in it, it could have bombed as the script isn’t amazing, but the performances make up for it.

  3. keith7198 says:

    You mentioned three reasons why I haven’t seen this movie nor am I interested in seeing it – Apatow, Rogan, and Hill. Not a fan of any of them.

  4. Not my favorite Judd Apatow movie but very funny. The cast is great.

  5. mettelray says:

    Might be the only Heigl movie I ever like(d). But it is kind of sad that the stereotypes are there and I feel like they are unavoidable at this point. If a movie has an idiot female character and a smart male – feminists will rise and point fingers. When it has a smart/driven lady and an idiot man – it is something that has been done so many times so it becomes predictable. If the man and woman are equal – well that just screams boring.

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