What’s your Bacon number?

Kevin Bacon

What’s your Bacon Number?

The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon has been knocking around for quite a long time now, but now Google have got in on the game. For those aren’t aware what this is, it’s the theory (put forward by Bacon himself) that he knows almost every actor or someone who knows them. It’s the Six Degrees of Separation, but with Kevin Bacon.

The whole idea of actually putting this to the test was conceived by three college students, and they now, along with Bacon’s approval (although he was initially against the idea) have appeared on talk shows, released a book and a board game has even been produced.

To find out an actor’s Bacon Number simply go to Google and type ‘bacon number’ followed by a particular actor’s name. For example – ‘bacon number Al Pacino’ or ‘bacon number Julia Roberts’. Google will then work out how that person is linked to Kevin Bacon and will show you the link and which films they have appeared in. Kevin Bacon has a Bacon Number of zero, and someone who has worked directly with him has a Bacon Number of 1. The numbers then get higher depending on how many degrees of separation there are.

You’d think it would be easy to find someone not linked to Bacon in some way, but it’s actually pretty difficult. Some really obscure actors aren’t included but a startling amount are. I thought I’d go for someone like ‘Lillian Gish’, but even she has a Bacon Number of 2.

I managed to get my Bacon Number down to 3. I acted at school with Tom Hughes. He was in Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll with Bill Milner. Bill Milner was in X-Men: First Class with Kevin Bacon.

Do you have a Bacon Number? You can cheat and you don’t have to have acted with someone, simply met them. Let me know in the comments how close you are to Kevin Bacon.

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10 thoughts on “What’s your Bacon number?

  1. If we count “meeting someone”, I also have a bacon number of 3, Chris.

    Bruce Campbell, Leonard Nimoy, Edward James Olmos, David Hasselhoff… all seem to have a bacon number of 2. I have other celebs I’ve gotten autographs from, but I cant think of anyone who’d have worked with him directly…

  2. That’s a good enough connection for me! There’s some impressive names there Fogs. I doubt we’ll find too many people on here with more links to Bacon!

  3. Mine is 2. One of my professors was in a play with a young Kevin Bacon and have his acting advice.

  4. Dave says:

    I have a long history with the Kevin Bacon game. AOL sponsored a game many many years ago and I won the top prize and got free AOL for a year (that’s how long ago it was – you had to pay for it!). Needless to say, I was pretty good at it.

    My own Bacon number is three. I acted in high school with Kal Penn, who was Harold and Kumar with John Cho, who was in The Air Up There with Bacon. Not too bad, right? 🙂

  5. Cool post! I’ve a Bacon number of 3 as well. I met Alejandro González Iñárritu last year, who directed Sean Penn in 21 Grams, who starred with Bacon in Mystic River.

  6. ruth says:

    Oh my!! This is too funny! I was thinking of blogging about this but now I don’t have to. My hubby and I spent a good two hours playing this game and we just can’t stop!! We haven’t managed to get past 3 and we used all kinds of obscure names, even Indonesian actors from my native countries but man, this Bacon guy sure has done a movie with EVERYBODY!!

    In any case, well I’ve met Gerry Butler and his Bacon number is 2 as he starred w/ Michael Fassbender in 300 and Fassbender was in X-Men First Class with the Baconator!

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