New feature: What dya mean you haven’t seen…?

This man can’t believe I haven’t seen Apocalypse Now

The creative juices must be flowing. It’s not been that long since I introduced a new feature to the blog, ‘What is…?‘, and now I’m slinging another one in. This could well be a case of information overload but I’m just hoping it’ll give the blog a decent amount of varied content.

What Dya Mean You Haven’t Seen…? is essentially me watching films that I probably should have already seen but I’m only just getting around to watching; films that when people learn I haven’t seen, they go ‘what dya mean you haven’t seen <insert film title>?’. Clever, eh?

When I do reviews of relatively recent films, I tend to write them with a critic’s hat on and try to keep them rather formal. For example, I never write anything in the first person, “I think this, that or whatever”, etc. However, when a classic film has been out for years and has been reviewed to death, it doesn’t make an awful lot of sense to try and do that. Therefore, in this feature I will give some of my personal thoughts on the film, whether it lived up to expectations, what I liked, didn’t like, and so on. It’s hardly a ground-breaking feature but it’ll hopefully mix things up a bit and allow me to get some more classic films onto the blog.

Here’s the first ‘What Dya Mean You Haven’t Seen…?’ – Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train. Not the most obvious of choices, but all will become apparent why I started with that one.

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10 thoughts on “New feature: What dya mean you haven’t seen…?

  1. LOL. You havent seen Apocalypse Now? 😀 I’ve been tormenting my podcast partner for months now over that one! 😀

    • Haha, i’ve heard that at the start of all your podcasts! You can tell Tank that he’s not alone! But yeah I still haven’t seen it, it’s been sat on my shelf for ages, but i’ve never get around to watching it. That shall be rectified soon!

  2. Yeah, I think I would be a great contributor to this list. My Movie Bucket List would stretch on for ages! 🙂

  3. Nice feature. I have seen Apocalypse Now so I guess my case of “What Dya Mean You Haven’t Seen…?” is Star Wars.

  4. vinnieh says:

    Looking forward to more of these posts.

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