Guest Post: Star Wars Goes Disney

“Star Wars” fans freaked out when news broke that Disney bought Lucasfilm for an estimated 4.5 billion dollars. On top of that, fans rejoiced that there are new “Star Wars” films expected to be released in the near future.

George Lucas, former Lucasfilms owner, said he wanted to give his company a “larger entity that would protect it.” Let’s take a look at some reasons that makes this Disney buyout of the “Star Wars” franchise good news.

Protecting the Lucasfilm brand — Like Lucas said, Disney can act as a protective shield for Lucasfilm. Take the last prequels as an example; the prequels were dissatisfying to many fans. According to these sites, the prequels lost the magic and fun that the originals had. Because of this, some fans might feel that Disney might put “Star Wars” in an even worse shape. At the very least, Disney could inject some new life into the films. Take a potential story about Darth Vader, for instance. If Disney can create a villain like Scar from “The Lion King,” who killed his own brother for power, they also have the ability to create a great story about the most villainous guy in the universe.

New Fans — By partnering with Disney, “Star Wars” could reach new fans. For instance, younger audiences who haven’t been introduced to “Star Wars” by their parents might soon be able to turn to The Disney Channel to see “Star Wars”-themed shows, like “The Clone Wars,” which ScreenRant reports will be moving to The Disney Channel from Cartoon Network.  If Disney wanted to, they could even go further and create educational cartoons based around the “Star Wars” universe. There could be television shows for teenage audiences and cartoon crossovers, similar to the upcoming “Phineas and Ferb”/Marvel crossover “Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel.” It also wouldn’t be surprising if Disney decided to create some “Star Wars” animated shorts to play before future feature films.

 New Merchandise — Disney and Lucasfilm are two companies that are masters at merchandising, and together, they’ll be able to create even more opportunities. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Disney Stores soon flooded with Mickey Mouse figurines in Jedi clothes, or special editions of Padme dolls (sold with her Queen Amidala and senatorial outfits and accessories), or even “Star Wars” play sets.

New Parks — Disney has been working on regaining ground after The Wizarding World of Harry Potter became serious competition. By acquiring Lucasfilm properties, Disney can not only expand on their “Star Wars” themed experiences at their Florida and California theme parks and create a whole “Star Wars” immersive park, but they can also create parks based on other Lucasfilm properties, like “Indiana Jones.”

Jedi-worthy stories — Disney has already proven they can handle complex storylines, but with some fans, the company had to prove itself again when they acquired Marvel. After the release of “Marvel’s The Avengers,” worried fans realized their favorite superheroes weren’t in any danger of being “Disneyfied.” Now, some fans are worried again about the future success of “Star Wars.” Disney might be in the process of telling new “Star Wars” stories, but more than likely, there’s no need to worry about a “Star Wars” animated musical coming anytime soon.

What do you think about Lucasfilm’s deal with Disney?

About the Author:  Lisa is a content writer for Satellite, and has a weekly column at StarPulse.  When she isn’t working, she is catching up on her favorite TV shows and films with her new husband. A massive thanks to Lisa for getting in touch and sending this over. It’s always great to feature other people’s stuff on the site, so if you’d like anything published, just give me a yell.

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8 thoughts on “Guest Post: Star Wars Goes Disney

  1. Nostra says:

    It’s an interesting move by Disney. Personally I’ve never been a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise so I’m really quite neutral when it comes to my feelings about the whole deal. I am interested however to see what they will do with the new movies.

  2. I cant see what all the fuss is about. I don’t think it can be any worse than the awful phantom menace!! Nice post matey

  3. Great guest post. I frankly don’t know why the fans reacted so badly to the purchase. I think the Disney money will work wonders for the Star Wars franchise.

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