Debuts Blogathon: Alfred Hitchcock – The Pleasure Garden (1925)

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Debuts Blogathon

The Debuts Blogathon has been a lot of fun so far and today’s entry is no exception. Melissa has been running The Soul of the Plot for less than a year, but already she’s carved out her own particular niche in the film blogging world with a great site featuring reviews of films past and present. Here, she takes a look at The Pleasure Garden, the 1925 debut of one my very favourite directors, Alfred Hitchcock.

Alfred Hitchcock

The Pleasure Garden (1925)

For my entry in the Debuts Blogathon, I decided to cover Alfred Hitchcock’s The Pleasure Garden. Although Hitchcock did make a film before this, it was never finished; and while he considered his next film The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog his first ‘Hitchcock Film’, history remembers The Pleasure Garden as his debut.

The Pleasure Garden PosterIt’s easy to see why Hitchcock didn’t give this film much…

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