Shitfest 2013: Fall – The Forgotten

the-forgottenThis post was part of the Shitfest 2013: Fall blogathon held over at the pant-creamingly awesome The IPC. Click here for the rest of the entries.

Before we go any further, I thought it best to warn people that I am going to spoil this film. As in I’m going to give away the big reveal at the end, but you’re not missing much so it probably doesn’t matter.

Now, I think most of us can agree that Julianne Moore is a reasonably inoffensive actress; some may even like her. As such, I had no qualms about slinging on The Forgotten and, ya know what, I was actually quite enjoying the film for a while.

Plot thus: Telly (Julianne Moore) believes her son in a plane crash, although her husband says that they never had a son and that she imagining the whole thing. On the verge of being towed away by men in white coats, she does a runner and meets Ash (Dominic West) whose daughter he also believes was killed in that same crash.

See, that sounds pretty cool and it has this whole government conspiracy thing going on. What really happened with the plane crash? Was there ever really a crash at all? Is Telly crazy? Not really the most original of plots but intriguing nonetheless. So we’re plodding along and it’s obvious we’re going to get some big reveal or twist. Just what have the government been up to and did her son ever really exist? We’re about to find out and….


Yep, it was all aliens. At no point have we been aware that this was even possible, but it was aliens abducting people and erasing memories and stuff like that; I can’t even remember that much anymore. It was a pretty effective twist in that I didn’t see it coming at all, but it was so ridiculous that I think I sat open mouthed for the rest of the film in utter shock that someone could write something so lazy.

You could do that to end pretty much any film if you’re struggling to work out how to end it. The Usual Suspects? He was an alien all along. Citizen Kane? Rosebud was an alien. Fight Club? Aliens. It just felt like such a cop out. I had a similar reaction to Knowing but that had Nicolas Cage in it, so I could forgive it a little more.

I also read (thanks Wikipedia) that when the film aired on cable they changed all plane crash references to that of a bus crash. Why? Worried about upsetting people? What about people killed in bus crashes? Again, utterly ridiculous.

So, if there’s any budding scriptwriters out there wondering how to end their film, simply follow The Forgotten’s formula – just say it was aliens. Easy.

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19 thoughts on “Shitfest 2013: Fall – The Forgotten

  1. So The Forgotten is best forgotten? Stupid aliens.

  2. vinnieh says:

    Great post, the only good thing about this movie is Julianne Moore.

  3. ruth says:

    Thanks for the warning Chris, will avoid this like a plague, ahah.

  4. theipc says:

    F-ING LIKE!!!

  5. Won’t read this as I’ve not seen the film but I’m sure you’ve done sterling work as always Chris!

  6. ckckred says:

    Nice review. I’m a big fan of Julianne Moore, but have not seen this and judging by your review am not missing much.

  7. Zoë says:

    Still love this review!

  8. sati says:

    I heard about the twist and I decided not to watch it, even though I do like Julianne a lot. I wish she wasn’t wasting her time on crap like that.

  9. I watched this a long time ago, it was playing on TV. At first I was excited because I really like a proper “mindfuck” movie (some of them you already mentioned) and I remember the very strange feeling I got when the story started to develop – I usually laugh and chat during horrible movies like this but I was just sitting there speechles …

    And I totally wanna join the shitfest, how does one do that? 🙂

    • I couldn’t stay speechless with this one, I hd a right old rant about it 🙂 And I don’t like to talk at all through films but this just bugged me!

      As for Shitfest, Isaac runs it at the IPC, but this one is over for now. He said he was thinking of running another in the new year though. His blog is pretty cool though so head on over and see what you think anyway, there’s a link at the top of the post.

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